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Cours spécialisés de courte durée:

Saisons russes sur la Volga 
This course provides a unique opportunity to combine the study of the Russian language and interaction with national traditions and unforgettable holidays in Russia. 
The cultural program includes guided city tours, visits to museums and exhibitions, as well as workshop for Russian arts & crafts and participation in folk festivals and fun. 

Duration: 2 weeks 
Lessons: 20 hours pw 
Location: Yaroslavl city centre 
Cultural program: afternoon excursions and activities.
Meals: full board 
Accommodation: school residence or guesthouse in the city centre
Upon completion of the course, participants are awarded a certificate of attendance.
Fees: €1290 per person

Russe + Ateliers d’art 
This course is designed for the study of the Russian language, and familiarity and acquisition of certain Russian arts and crafts. 
The artistic program includes: visiting an artist's studio, an excursion to the Yaroslavl school of iconography, sculpture workshops, painting, modelling, and batik dyeing. 
The cultural program includes guided city tours, visits to museums and exhibitions. 
Duration: 2 weeks 
Lessons: 20 hours pw 
Location: Yaroslavl city centre 

Artistic program: 2 pw
Workshops: 3 pw 
Meals: full board 
Accommodation: school residence or guest house in the city centre
Upon completion of the course, participants are awarded a certificate of attendance. 

Fees: €1290 per person pw

Pendant ce temps en Russie 
This is a spoken language course designed for foreigners with any level of proficiency in Russian and aims to quickly adapt students to life in Russia. It is primarily based on communication and helps students master Russian language, sufficiently enough to communicate in a variety of everyday situations. The gained knowledge is immediately put into practice. 
Durée: 2 à 4 semaines 
Leçons: 30 heures par semaine 
Location: Yaroslavl city centre 
Logement: chez l'habitant, résidence scolaire, maison d'hôtes en centre-ville 
Fees: €490 pw
Après avoir réussi le cours requis, les participants reçoivent un certificat de l'International Education Center InTici et sont bien préparés pour passer avec succès les tests officiels en russe comme langue étrangère (Test de russe en tant que langue étrangère) afin d'obtenir un certificat de niveau national de l'Université russe de l'amitié des Peuples. 
InTiCi propose des visites guidées de la ville et de la région, ainsi que des visites des musées et d'expositions.

De Iaroslavl avec Love Course 
Ce cours met l'accent sur l'apprentissage des langues basé sur la littérature classique russe, révélant le tempérament, l'esprit et l'âme des Russes 
Duration: 2-4 weeks 
Lessons: 20 hours pw 
Location: Yaroslavl city centre 
Fees: €190 pw

Il était une fois le cours de Iaroslavl 
This course sets language learning in the context of the historical events of the city of Yaroslavl closely connected with Russian history and the biography of famous Yaroslavl citizens. 
Duration: 2 - 4 weeks 
Leçons: 20 heures par semaine 
Location: Yaroslavl city centre
Fees: €190 pw

Week-end russe. Cours spécial du week-end pour les expatriés. 
This course allows you to improve your Russian language skills through immersion in a traditional Russian province with the help of Russian fairytales, legends and myths. 
After this weekend course you will be able to converse freely about many everyday topics in Russian, understand Russian humour, and sing Russian songs. 
Duration: 3 days (Friday - Sunday) 
Lessons: 20 hours 
Accommodation: school residence, guesthouse in the city centre 
Meals: Friday welcome reception 
Cultural program: guided city tour, visits to museums and exhibitions in Yaroslavl and the Yaroslavl region. 
Fees: €190 per person

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