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John and Maya

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Guests from London, John and Maya, are traveling around Russia this summer (2018). So, what are their impressions after several days in Yaroslavl? Would they like to come back here again?
- Did you enjoy your stay in Yaroslavl? What did you manage to see?
- We really liked the city. I don’t even know what impressed us the most. Yaroslavl is a city of ancient architecture, incredible history and special atmosphere. We have visited Yaroslavl State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve, St. John the Baptist Church, Volkov theatre and Planetarium. We were inspired by the Volga Embankment – the walk brought us such peace of mind. We could feel the love of Yaroslavl citizens to their city almost everywhere and in everything.
- That’s great! How did you get around the city?
- We decided not to use the services of the tour buses because it’s not really cool to savor new places through little windows of a bus. It’s very important for us to let ourselves be carried along by the crowds, to plunge into the routine of the local people and their lifestyle. While observing, you get the feeling that you’re reading an ancient book. Unfortunately, there are some problems with navigation and very few street signs in English in the city. So many beautiful places to visit but no idea how to get there!
- Did you manage to interact with the citizens, to find common ground with them?
- Yaroslavl people are very kind, responsive and sincere. But there are just a few who speak English. It’s one thing not to get the instructions how to get somewhere from the people on the street, but interaction with hotel staff – is quite another. I mean, that’s service, which reflects the hotel standard. In this regard, everything needs to be further developed.
- Did you like Russian cuisine?
- Everything we tried was very delicious and hearty. What we remember the most are pancakes, borshch and huge choice of soups. And such big portions!.. But again – not everywhere you can find a menu in English.  As a result, if I can’t read in Russian – I’m starving, huh? We couldn’t even buy an ice-cream because of the language barrier!
- Would you like to come back one day?
- Absolutely! Yaroslavl is already in our hearts! We’ll definitely come back, but next time – with a phrase-book (laughing)!