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International summer language camp on the Volga river in 2019

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InTC Centre – is the first foreign languages school in Yaroslavl, the founder of English speaking club on the Volga River, the guardian of the English House, an active participant in Exeter, Burlington/Yaroslavl (sister cities) events, a translation agency and testing center accredited in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University).

Since 1991, thanks to Irina Novikova, the founder and director, and her special methodology, there have been developed dozens of educational programs in InTC. The teaching staff is made up of the graduates of pedagogical higher education establishments (Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University in particular) and native speakers.

InTC has wide experience in the area of educational tourism: there have been developed a lot of excursions around Yaroslavl and its region, “vivid lessons” and educational quests in both Russian and English versions.