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Russian levels

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LevelCEFR LevelYour ability
Beginner 0

You can speak and understand Russian in a very limited way.

In a few weeks:
be able to shop or travel with basic Russian. You will know the fundamentals of Russian pronunciation.

Elementary A1

You can understand language used in everyday situations if the speaker speaks slowly and clearly.

By the end of this level:
make simple sentences and reply to simple questions; talk about likes/dislikes, family and routines; order a meal in a restaurant/go shopping and understand and write basic text.

Pre-Intermediate A2

You can communicate in a range of everyday social and travel contexts.

By the end of this level:
talk with confidence (go shopping, book a hotel room); make conversation in Russian; write and understand simple written text and understand a wider range of grammar and vocabulary.

Intermediate B1

You can speak Russian with some confidence.

By the end of this level:
take part in routine conversations; write & understand simple written text; make notes & understand most of the general meaning of lectures, meetings, TV programmes and extract basic information from a written document.

Upper Intermediate B2

You can use Russian effectively.

By the end of this level:
take part in extended conversations; write & understand most text, including a simple essay; understand most of a TV programme, presentation or lecture, but not technical or theoretical information.

Advanced C1

You can use Russian in a range of culturally appropriate ways.

By the end of this level:
take part in lengthy conversations & discussions; write and understand most text including formal, academic and professional documents; easily understand TV, plays, films, lectures and presentations.

Proficient C2

You can use Russian with ease and fluency.

To improve:
Increase your understanding of the nuances of the language and engage in independent reading to develop your vocabulary further.




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