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Unbelievable Adventures of Veronika in Yaroslavl

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Veronica Maglioni - interpreter and teacher of Italian language. Graduated from Philological faculty of St.Petersburg University and Mediazione Linguistica Perugia. Russian language (speaking, reading and writing): excellent. In 2018 lived and worked in Yaroslavl for 6 months.

- Why did you decide to study Russian language?
- I started studying Russian because of Russian literature. I fell in love with Dostoevsky’s “Crime and Punishment”.  This entire dark world, atmosphere…that excited me enormously.  That’s why I entered the Department of Translation. I chose Russian because of its melodiousness and richness. Then I started to travel and learn about the culture. I discovered another world, - and this language became my life-long passion.
- What was the hardest thing about learning Russian?
- Russian language is definitely one of the most difficult languages to learn. But that’s the reason it attracts me. I’ve never been one for the easy way out: at school I learned Latin and Ancient Greek. These ancient languages helped me a lot with studying Russian. The grammar is very challenging: declension if nouns, prefixes, perfective and imperfective aspects, different verbs of motion…!!! It’s really hard but interesting at the same time.  
- Name three stereotypes, which turned out to be true.
- I’ve been here for 6 months and I can tell you the truth. Russians drink a lot, especially they prefer hard liquors – this stereotype is justified. “Bears are everywhere” – that’s true. The symbol of Yaroslavl is a bear carrying an axe, the symbol of the Lokomotiv hockey club is also a bear. You can see a lot of figures and statues of bears in different parts of the city. There is even a real bear called Masha – in the Yaroslavl State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve!
- Name three stereotypes, which turned out to be a lie.
- It’s not always freezing in Russia! In summer it’s even hot sometimes – that’s a real surprise for me. It’s not true that Russians don’t smile: at first they’re not very trusting and open to everybody.. but when you get to know them – they’re the kindest and most hospitable people who are always ready to help.
- What are the differences between Russians and Italians?
- Italians are very emotional people and they like to show it through the gestures, smiles..hugs. Russians prefer to conceal their emotions – especially when they don’t know you. But that doesn’t mean that they are bad people! On the contrary, their smile is the most sincere!
- What makes Yaroslavl different from the other Russian cities you visited?
- I’ve visited St. Petersburg, Moscow and such Russian towns as Rostov, Kostroma, Vyatskoe, Gavrilov Yam and, of course, Yaroslavl. Yaroslavl is my favorite Russian city. The place impressed me a lot. It was a great experience. Architecture is magnificent, especially in the centre of the city. As for my favorite place – it’s definitely the Volga River Embankment. It’s not always so simple to live here: the quality of roads and the traffic made everything more complicated. And also the time when there was no hot water… It takes some getting used to.
- What would you change in the city?
- I would change only the quality of the roads.
- What advice would you give to those who want to visit Yaroslavl?
- I would recommend to be prepared for Russian adventures.