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Yaroslavl through the eyes of foreigners.

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In 2019 Evan Jeter graduates from the University of Tennessee. In 2018 he studied at the philological faculty of Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University for 2 semesters.
- Why did you decide to study Russian language?
- I decided to study the Russian language because I developed a great interest in the history of Russia while I was in high school. The moment of inspiration can be traced back to one afternoon in my world history class when my classmates and I were studying Kievan Rus' and Novgorod. 
- What was the hardest thing about learning Russian?
- The hardest things about learning Russian are the verbal adverbs and the active and passive participles. There are so many word endings to remember!
- Name three stereotypes, which turned out to be true.
- Three stereotypes about Russia that turned out to be true:
1. Russians do not smile at all in public unless they see someone they know.
2. Most of the roads are not in good shape.
3. The winters are long and very cold.
Name three stereotypes, which turned out to be a lie.
- Three stereotypes about Russia that turned out to be lies:
1. Lie: Russian food does not taste good.
Truth: It is often very tasty!
2. Lie: Russians do not like foreigners.
Truth: I have not met one person in Russia who didn't like me because of my nationality.
3. Lie: Russians do not express their emotions.
Truth: Russians can be very emotional when interacting with acquaintances, friends, and family. 
- What are the differences between Russians and Italians?
- From my personal experience with Italians in Italy and Russians in Russia, I would say the main differences between the two groups are religion (Italy is predominantly Roman Catholic, while Russia has many religions, the largest being Orthodox Christianity) and food (where are the tomatoes in Russian cuisine?). I would have to go to Italy again to find out more!
- What makes Yaroslavl different from the other Russian cities you visited?
- Yaroslavl stands out from the other Russian cities that I have visited because so many of its citizens are conscious and enthusiastic about the history of their city. It is indeed the capital city of the Golden Ring of Russia and the city has done a fantastic job of preserving historically significant buildings and places. In Yaroslavl, one can see the beginning of Russia's history and simultaneously look towards its future. 
- What’s your favorite thing about Yaroslavl?
- My favorite thing about Yaroslavl is the people. I spent eight months of my life in this city, so it became my second home. Most of my friends in Russia live in Yaroslavl. The people with whom I have become acquainted have always been so kind and surprisingly eager about showing the very best of their city to anyone who visits. Additionally, the summer here is nowhere near as hot as it is in my native Tennessee, so I really like that!
- What’s your least favorite thing about Yaroslavl?
- As for my least favorite thing about Yaroslavl, I think it was when there were plumbing repairs going on in my host family's apartment building. The plumbers shut off the hot water for the whole building, but it was only for a few days in August, fortunately.
- What would you change in the city?
-  As for changes to the city, I would want to add a few Mexican restaurants. I love Mexican food and I missed it very much when I lived and studied in Yaroslavl. 
- What advice would you give to those who want to visit Yaroslavl?
- For those who want to visit Yaroslavl: Make sure you find a good translator or guide. I know the people at InTC would know who to look for. Also, make sure to go in May or the summer because one cannot participate in as nearly as many activities during the winter. The city and its people are very active during the spring and summer months!




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